Welcome to Headlamp!

Thanks for installing Headlamp. You're on your way to better test coverage, team collaboration, and more!


To get started, click the Headlamp icon in the Chrome Extensions toolbar above. (If you don't see it, you'll want to pin it first. Click the puzzle piece and then the pin.)

Next, let's light up this page with red dots! These show you what elements you HAVEN'T tested. Hit the Start button now.


Time to test! Click the buttons and type into every text box in the form below to turn all the red dots into green checkmarks.

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See Reports

Now that you're done testing, check out the reports.

Open the Headlamp pop-up and hit the Reports button. It will ask you to log in with your Google account one more time.

Click each of the tabs for "Tester Activity", "Site Coverage", and "Tester Actions" to see your progress.

Reset and Test Again

Ready for another round? Open the Headlamp extension again and click the "Reset" button. This clears out all the green checks and starts a new test pass.

Team Mode

Team Mode lets you share the dots with the rest of your team, so everyone instantly know what's left for the team to test.

If you've purchased Headlamp TEAM edition, now's the time to try out TEAM mode with one or more co-testers.

Test Automation

Do you have automated tests? Want to know how much of the UI is getting missed by them?

To get started, clone our GitHub repo and read the instructions in the example tests. We have already posted one for Selenium, and we are working on more for Puppeteer, Playwright, and Cypress.

You'll be able to run your test automation with Headlamp watching and recording. After the tests complete, you can explore the test automation browser to see what was missed. Next, go to the Headlamp Reports and select the test domain name to get more details.